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Customer Service

Your Customers are always in view

Contact centres are normally the first point of contact for end customers that have questions or problems. Regardless of whether they want to get in touch with you by telephone, e-mail, chat or via a social network: the first impression counts! 89% of all customers that have a bad experience with a provider are prepared to change providers. This is reason enough to place your trust in nexnet's professional customer service.

Let us take charge of your customer management - we will take care of the billing and the payment transactions as a complex integrated high-volume business.

Our strengths

  • reliable and professional processing of the telephone and written customer contact
  • flexible spectrum of services for highly diverse requirements
  • high-quality service and reachability at peak times

Your advantages

  • Increased liquidity through efficient receivables management
  • Costs and time saving through outsourcing of tasks and competences
  • Concentration on the core business

Information Management

In the case of questions on products, tariffs or invoices our professional agents on the phone or at the front desk provide precise information on the issues raised with us. On your behalf, our customer service also clarifies with your customers any contract contents, vouchers, payment blocks as well as write-offs and transfers. We will also be happy to implement outbound actions, for example, for the purpose of the clarification of master data.

Claims Management

We're happy to listen to the complaints of our customers and check invoices, dunning letters, or carry out appropriate measures in the case of technical faults. In doing so, we check itemized bills, research tariffs and send copies of invoices or arrange for the posting of credit to the accounts of your customers.

Quality-assured Services

Whether with inbound or outbound calls, our agents - who now number over 30 - are multi-skilled and can work on specific issues as well as being flexible. With over 270,000 requests per year in 1st and 2nd level support and in the processing of requests in writing, our agents have sufficient skill and professionalism also to solve the problems of your customers to everyone's satisfaction.

Through the use of modern technologies such as IVR systems, Dialer, ACD or a comprehensive CRM system, we specialize in a customer-specific service-level. Thanks to reports that are tailored to each customer and updated daily, you are always kept in the picture.

Back-desk & Live Chat Processing

Questions, returns, complaints that can't be solved immediately by the front desk are forwarded to the back desk. Appropriately trained staff take up the final processing of your customers' requests. Where necessary, our staff will contact you in order to coordinate cancellations, write-offs, credit and the like with you.

Requests by lawyers and consumers' rights organizations are also processed by our back desk. Our chat-tool enables you to contact the customer service department directly, easily and quickly.

We're here for you

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