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Invoice received – Now what?

Don’t worry. We do everything in the right way.

Providers of so-called value-added services such as information, horoscope or erotic hotlines as well as service numbers (e.g. 0180x) look to external service providers for the writing and sending of payment reminders. This is financially viable and, in the case of service numbers, usual in the sector.

One of these service providers is Berlin-based nexnet GmbH.

The invoices in question thus don’t come from us but directly from your telephone company. We simply provide a reminder of what your telephone company has previously communicated to us. This doesn’t involve the whole telephone bill, but in each case only the share for special phone numbers. On no account does it involve a rip-off or fraud, but a legitimate demand that the telephone company has communicated to us.

You can very easily check whether the demand came from your telephone company by comparing the specified invoice of your telephone company with the data in our reminder. These services will either be under the heading “Amounts of Other Providers” or you will receive a separate invoice for this from your telephone company.

A word on the due date for telephone invoices: This differs from telephone company to telephone company but is always specified on the invoice and is definitive for the notification of amounts due. If you have a payment deadline of 10 days and, for example, only pay 20 days after the invoicing date, (the printing date of the invoice), the claim can already be passed on to us.

If you have paid the total invoice too late, your telephone company will not continue to forward the amounts to us. In this case, we have no influence on the use of the payment. For this purpose, we recommend that you contact the accounting department of your telephone company.

If, despite our reminder, we are unable to confirm a receipt of payment, we will then pass your file on to a collection agency.

Reminders from nexnet thus do not involve a rip-off or fraud, but a service that we carry out on behalf of your telephone company. Should you have any doubt of the legality of any claim, please contact your telephone company directly. We have no influence on the origin of your claim. By the same token, the amount of the reminder and processing fees charged are of course bound by the statutory provisions.

The best thing to do is to pay your reminder bill immediately or contact us in order to avoid further consequences.

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